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The Texas Saltwater Fishing Guides web provides a reliable, up-to-date directory of Texas Saltwater Fishing guides along the entire Texas Gulf coast for fisherman of all kinds. From the novice to the professional, one boat or multiple boats, our saltwater fishing guides are safe, licensed, and experienced professionals.

You can find a safe, experienced Texas saltwater fishing guide anywhere on the Texas Gulf Coast with our web site.


Texas Upper Gulf Coast

  • Houston, Galveston
  • Port Arthur, Sabine Lake

Texas Coastal Bend Guides

  • Matagorda Bay Aransas Pass
  • Copano Bay, Fulton, Rockport
  • Corpus Christi, Baffin Bay

Texas Lower Gulf Coast

  • Padre Island, Laguna Madre
  • The Land Cut
  • Port Isabel, Brownsville

The Texas Saltwater Fishing Guides Directory contains all of the features that a saltwater fisherman will be looking for when planning their trip. Below is a list of some of some of the information that is available about the saltwater fishing guides on this web site.
  • Full Contact Information for each guide
  • Links to the guide's web site
  • Email link to the guide
  • Pictures of the guide and his fish


The Texas Saltwater Fishing Guides web does not sell your private information to any third party.

From Sabine Lake to Port Isabel, the Texas Saltwater Fishing Guides web offers some of the finest saltwater fishing in the world. The members of this Directory have decades of experience fishing for Speckled Trout, Redfish, Flounder, Black Drum and many other species in the bays and waterways of the Texas Gulf Coast. The bays and flats where these Texas Saltwater Fishing guides work furnish a perfect environment for these and many other species of game fish. In many cases, the Saltwater Fishing guide that you select actually grew up fishing these waters, and has been fishing on them for most of his life.

All of the Texas Saltwater Fishing Guides in this directory are U.S. Coast Guard licensed, and have dedicated themselves to providing both a safe and an enjoyable fishing experience to their customers.

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, about 2,000 new fishermen visit the Texas Gulf Coast each month - and they usually need a saltwater fishing guide. We provide a list of those guides on a single web site.  The statistics above indicate that the popularity of saltwater fishing on the Texas coast is rising dramatically. With thousands of square miles of bays and flats to fish, you won't be crowded on your trip. So take a look at our list of saltwater fishing guides and give one of them a call. They'll be glad to answer any questions you might have about the particular area that you want to fish.

The individual Texas saltwater fishing guides in this directory can help you with lodging, accommodations, and restaurants. With their long years of experience, they know the best hotels/motels in the area. In addition, they can also tell you about all the favorite tourist spots; some even conduct sightseeing tours themselves. These guides have lived on the coast for years and know all the best places. So check out our saltwater fishing guides and have a safe and memorable fishing trip.

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Texas Gulf Coast Geography

The Gulf Coast of Texas is generally divided into three sections, referred to as the Upper (or Northern), Middle (or Coastal Bend), and Lower (or Southern), Gulf Coast. All of the regions contain bountiful quantities of game fish of all kinds and excellent saltwater fishing guides.

The Upper Gulf Coast begins at the Louisiana border and runs southeast through the Sabine Lake area, Galveston, and the Matagorda Bay complex.

The Middle Gulf Coast area is also referred to as the Coastal Bend. This section of the Gulf Coast continues on a southwest line from south of Matagorda Bay through San Antonio Bay, Copano Bay, the Port Aransas area, then turns south through Corpus Christi Bay, Baffin Bay, and the Upper Laguna Madre. The saltwater fishing guides in this area enjoy some of the best fishing on the Texas Gulf Coast.

The Lower Gulf Coast runs south from the Lower Laguna Madre to Port Isabel and Brownsville. Traveling to the southern Texas Gulf Coast is a longer trop, but well worth the effort.

Whatever area of the Texas Gulf Coast that you decide to fish guarantees some fast action. There are thousands of square miles of bays and waterways to fish, so crowding is simply not a problem, and the long line of barrier islands means that the water will be calm.

So contact one of our Texas Saltwater Fishing Guides today.

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Texas Parks & Wildlife Information

Valuable information from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept. published as a public service by Texas Saltwater Fishing Guides web.


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